October 30, 2013

Downton Abbey EXTRA - I bet you didn't know.....

Yes, this is a post about Downton Abbey and YES, there is a photo of a super hip, turtle-neck-wearing private eye!  This edition of Downton Abbey Extra is  GROOVY baby!

If you are over a certain age, you will have heard of the TV show SHAFT.  Very 70's.   Big hair and polyester suits. 

Well, did you know that one of our most loved characters on Downton Abbey was based on the character SHAFT?!?!   Crazy, right?   But it's true, I got right from the source.  
So of course, I had to find and  share the video to back me up on this intriguing bit of information.  

Aside from that, there are some really cool little facts and stories from behind the scenes. And just wait until you see Phyllis Logan who plays  Mrs. Hughes!  Big difference from how she looks on Downton. Beautiful lady. And, you'll find the answer to who the Downton version of Shaft is.  

Okay, so the Shaft thing isn't true....but why would you believe anything Thomas told you anyway?  I believed him....should have known better!!  I think Bates is more a Magnum P.I. guy....

and now, I think it is time for some words from Dame Maggie and a few favorite Dowager Countess Quotes...

Dame Maggie Smith has suggested a number of times that the leaps forward in time on Downton Abbey mean her character, the Dowager Countess, is really starting to get on a bit. But what a collection of put-downs and one-liners she has to her name...
The star has hinted that she could be among the next batch of characters to meet an unfortunate end on the show, but several of her cast-mates, including Michelle Dockery, have maintained that, actually, it just can’t work without her.
“Logically Violet must be about a hundred-and-something now, so I don’t know how long she’ll go on,” the veteran actress told the Daily Star. “There will be bath chairs and things they can push me around in."
Dame Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey (WENN)
But Dockery insisted: “If more people start leaving that’s when it can’t go on. Like if Maggie Smith decided not to do it any more, I think that really would be the end.”
Elizabeth McGovern, who plays Cora Crawley, added: “It would be hard to imagine continuing without Maggie. Her character is integral to what makes Downton special. It keeps it alive. There is a sort of intrinsic wit to everything. There’s a sense of humour and that is most encapsulated in Maggie’s character cutting through the dramatic tension with a one-liner.”
You can see what she means. With a hefty backlog of incredible zingers, the Dowager Countess is many people’s favorite thing about Downton Abbey.

October 19, 2013

Twas an Hour Before Downton...

Twas an hour before Downton, and all through the house
No one could touch the DVR, not even her spouse;

Her Diet Cokes & chocolate had been chilling in the refrigerator with care
they were covered with yellow post-its and in her handwriting:  "DON'T you DARE!"

She grabbed her "Free Bates!" t-shirt, pulled it over her head
While visions of the Turkish guy danced in her head,
Wearing black yoga pants and her fluffiest slippers
She practiced her English accent, 
Cuz those Brit's just sound hipper.

When all of a sudden there arose such a clatter,

She sprang from the sofa to see what was the matter,

A spoiler had leaked, her Facebook friends were freaking out,

Something big was going to happen at Downton Abbey - of this there was no doubt!

And then a familiar tune began to play, 
Downton Abbey was starting, the best part of her Sunday.

When what to her wondering eye should appear,

O'Brien was gone but there was a new nanny to fear.

Lord Grantham in the study, almost time for lunch
Thomas about to cause trouble
 (actually that was just a hunch)
Guests arriving, women changing their dresses 
Daisy spilling soup, while Mrs. Patmore stresses.
Go Alfred. Go Bates. Anna's helping Mary Crawley

Now, someone feed Isis and dont dilly-dally.

The gowns? they were stunning, some hand-sewn & beaded 
Hair styled to perfection, just a few curls were needed

Then Violet arrived, in her best purple dress

she made quite an entrance, the Dowager Countess.

When she thought somthing she said it, no filter she had

Be nice to the countess and dont make her mad.
Lady Mary was cordial to the handsome man in blue 

Lady Rose snuck out to kiss a guy she hardly knew.

Branson was trying his best to fit in
and Edith, my goodness..had her very own man!

Downstairs was Bates, he looked sort of sad

Anna watched from a distance at the good man she had
I picked up my diet coke took a sip and sighed,
This season is intense but at least no one had died.

The ladies looked magnificent, decked out from head to toe, 

The occupants of Downton, all of them I know.

The Lords and the ladies, the soldiers and the maids, 

The cooks and the Butlers, those we love and those we kinda hate.

This episode was a good one, but I say that every time
There is a little bit of everything to satisfy every mind.
If you dont like Downton there's something off with you
but I'll write about that some other time.

The story lines and plot twists, 

the heartbreak & love like our own
(and it's all done so tastefully, no naked parts are shown)
Chauffeurs kissing debutantes, True love in Christmas snow 
We watch from season to season 
and our love for Downton grows.
Soon the episode is ending, on a happy note this time

I think, now I wait again and let out a little sigh.

Seven more days, six sleeps to go

until then ....
I'll watch re-runs or give Call the Midwife a go. 
I'll google Downton spoilers, getting set up for next week
In hopes I'll be ready for anything 
Jullian Fellows throws at me.
I'll dream about Matthew,  handsome and in good health, 

We'd make quite a match, if I do say so myself; 
A wink of his eye I imagine how it must be, 
I'm a middle aged lady daydreaming with glee!

So join me each week in watching Downton Abbey

we dont have to wait till 2014 and ya know, 

that's not too shabby!

And when during this week, 
when you're stuck in the daily grind,
Try not to stress out.  Don't pay no never mind.
Things can always be worse, things can always get better
Just go with the flow, don't get your knickers in a tether.
Think of Lady Violet what would she say?  
Think of poor Daisy and how she spends her day. 

And when you find that rare moment, 
time to spend on just you.
Get the tv, lap top or computer and honey, 
you know what to do.
Tune in to the show that for one whole  hour, 
takes you to a place where a big move for a guy was to pick a girl a flower.
Escape to a time that seems rather grand
for just a bit, live in Downton land.

I shut off the lap top after the last video is posted
who doesn't love a blog where Downton Abbey is hosted?

Now, the coke can is empty, the chocolate is gone, 
The clock says it's late and I let out a yawn.
I crawl into bed and fall asleep with a smile
I've had my Downton fix. It should last me for a while.

See ya next week!