September 16, 2013

Quotes - Would you go back?

 Kids don't know how good they have it

To be young again !

o the days.... to be young again.....
100% accurate

.oh to be young again!
Me too!

I'm not getting older, I'm just increasing in value!
Getting older cartoon
Do you ever wish you were young again?
Or are you glad you're done with all that?

What makes you feel young?  For me, it's laughing.


  1. Ha! That last one cracks me up. I'm not sure I'd go back, but I'd like to keep my kids from growing up--oh the hypocrisy :).

  2. I would like my 19 year-old body and skin. Other than that, NO WAY would I go back.
    Being around good friends makes me feel young. On that note, I miss you!

  3. I peaked at 20--I'm now 40 and I suck. I'd go back in a second.