September 25, 2013

Downton Abbey Extra: Reactions to the Premiere

I just have to share this fun article from iVillage UK

Our GIF reactions to the 'Downton Abbey' premiere

Downton Abbey fans rejoiced last night as the period drama phenomenon returned to its 9pm Sunday slot for the start of the fourth series. With a cup of tea in hand, we settled in -- and as the strains of the opening music faded and the grand stately home came into focus, we couldn't help feeling a little bit like this:
And to anyone who wasn't watching the premiere, all we have to say is...
The new series picks up six months on from Matthew Crawley's untimely death, in 1922. As expected, there's a dark cloud of mourning still sitting over his widow Lady Mary, not to mention the family as a whole. But it wasn't all tears and sadness. In true Downton fashion, the episode ran the full range of emotions -- leaving us mentally exhausted at the end of the night. (In a good way, of course!)
Here are the emotions we felt during the premiere:


When we think about Lady Mary losing the love of her life right after the birth of their first son, we're like:


And when we see that she's nearly given up on her own life, our heart aches for her. 
We just want to give her a hug.


When Ivy went to the pub with Jimmy, she came home feeling a little too merry.
But we have to admit, it was kind of fun to see someone from the downstairs letting loose a bit.


We know that Lord Grantham always has his daughters' best interests at heart, but we hated seeing his attempt to shield Mary from the management of the estate. Pitying her and treating her like a helpless child is not the way to help her through her grief.


Finally Lady Edith is having her moment! First we couldn't get over her sexy new sense of style. (Is she really rocking bare shoulders? Gasp!) And then she had the guts to actually smooch her editor, Michael Gregson, in a public restuarant? Hot.


Later in the episode, we found out that Mrs. Patmore was actually the one who sent Daisy her Valentine because she didn't want her to feel bad when Ivy received one from Alfred. Daisy could have been annoyed, but instead she recognised the sweetness of the gesture. When she told Mrs Patmore: 'I may not have a follower, but at least I have a friend,' it warmed our hearts.


We absolutely hate to give Thomas credit -- but it seems he was right about Nanny West. Sure, he was being a bit selfish when he cheekily warned Her Ladyship that the new nanny was neglecting the children. But when Cora overheard her degrading her granddaughter, we were horrified. Calling little Sybil a 'wicked cross-breed.'? 
Not cool.


Throughout the episode, Lady Mary was (understandably) feeling sorry for herself -- but deep down we knew she'd eventually pull it together and return to her normal, confident, assertive self. So when she joined the men at luncheon and got down to business, we couldn't have been happier. Lady Mary is back!
We can't wait to see what the rest of the series has in store. Because, as the Dowager Countess says...
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  1. Awesome!! I absolutely felt like Kermit!

  2. Yes yes yes! Downton Abbey season 4! Woohoo! :)