September 29, 2013

Downton Abbey 4 - Episode 2

Downton Abbey 4 - Episode 2

Yes, that is Lady Rose dressed as a maid

Just found the new 2013 Downton Abbey soundtrack and it is beautiful.  

You can go on Amazon and have a listen to a preview at   

Downton Abbey: Original Music from the TV Series

September 27, 2013

Downton Abbey Extra - Parodies

A few oldies but goodies:

Jimmy Fallon

Sesame Street: Upside Downton Abbey

Downton Arby's

Time for a new Downton Abbey Parody


September 26, 2013

September 25, 2013

Downton Abbey Extra: Reactions to the Premiere

I just have to share this fun article from iVillage UK

Our GIF reactions to the 'Downton Abbey' premiere

Downton Abbey fans rejoiced last night as the period drama phenomenon returned to its 9pm Sunday slot for the start of the fourth series. With a cup of tea in hand, we settled in -- and as the strains of the opening music faded and the grand stately home came into focus, we couldn't help feeling a little bit like this:
And to anyone who wasn't watching the premiere, all we have to say is...
The new series picks up six months on from Matthew Crawley's untimely death, in 1922. As expected, there's a dark cloud of mourning still sitting over his widow Lady Mary, not to mention the family as a whole. But it wasn't all tears and sadness. In true Downton fashion, the episode ran the full range of emotions -- leaving us mentally exhausted at the end of the night. (In a good way, of course!)
Here are the emotions we felt during the premiere:


When we think about Lady Mary losing the love of her life right after the birth of their first son, we're like:


And when we see that she's nearly given up on her own life, our heart aches for her. 
We just want to give her a hug.


When Ivy went to the pub with Jimmy, she came home feeling a little too merry.
But we have to admit, it was kind of fun to see someone from the downstairs letting loose a bit.


We know that Lord Grantham always has his daughters' best interests at heart, but we hated seeing his attempt to shield Mary from the management of the estate. Pitying her and treating her like a helpless child is not the way to help her through her grief.


Finally Lady Edith is having her moment! First we couldn't get over her sexy new sense of style. (Is she really rocking bare shoulders? Gasp!) And then she had the guts to actually smooch her editor, Michael Gregson, in a public restuarant? Hot.


Later in the episode, we found out that Mrs. Patmore was actually the one who sent Daisy her Valentine because she didn't want her to feel bad when Ivy received one from Alfred. Daisy could have been annoyed, but instead she recognised the sweetness of the gesture. When she told Mrs Patmore: 'I may not have a follower, but at least I have a friend,' it warmed our hearts.


We absolutely hate to give Thomas credit -- but it seems he was right about Nanny West. Sure, he was being a bit selfish when he cheekily warned Her Ladyship that the new nanny was neglecting the children. But when Cora overheard her degrading her granddaughter, we were horrified. Calling little Sybil a 'wicked cross-breed.'? 
Not cool.


Throughout the episode, Lady Mary was (understandably) feeling sorry for herself -- but deep down we knew she'd eventually pull it together and return to her normal, confident, assertive self. So when she joined the men at luncheon and got down to business, we couldn't have been happier. Lady Mary is back!
We can't wait to see what the rest of the series has in store. Because, as the Dowager Countess says...
Lisa Cowan is a London-based freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter.

September 24, 2013

Downton Abbey 4 - Sneak Peek at Episode 2

A few photos & a brief idea of what is to come in
Downton Abbey episode 2

Emerging from her grief, Mary starts to take an interest in the running of the estate, but is met with resistance from Robert. As Molesley’s fortunes worsen, Bates hatches a plan to help him. Out for a bit of fun, Rose gets into a sticky situation at a tea dance in York. Mrs Hughes urges Carson to let an old wound heal. Maybe this is the year Carson and Mrs. Hughes will start a romance! 

And is it me or does Edith look really great this season?  Her dresses have been gorgeous.

In this clip from episode 2, Anna reaches out to help desperate but proud Mr. Molesley. So many of us can relate to losing a job. This clip really tugged at my heartstrings and made me want to give Molesley a big hug. Wonder what Anna will do to help him...

How to make a spectacle of yourself at a wedding - in 3 easy steps.

Welcome to another exciting episode of:    Life Lessons with Simply June

Weddings: I've been to quite a few this year. Have you seen the newest wedding video going viral on the web? The clergyman stops mid ceremony to yell at the photographer. The look on the faces of the poor bride and groom said it all.   I felt so bad for them.  It made me feel better about what happened at last wedding I attended. 

My September Wedding:

The lovely couple looked so happy. Staring into each other's eyes. Beautiful moment.

My husband squeezes my hand three times. (The code for I. LOVE. YOU. that was invented in our family so we could tell our kids we loved them in public without them being embarrassed. Tricky, right?)

So anyway...I am trying to be all respectful and reverent - as you do at weddings - and i get a bit of an itchy throat. I feel like coughing. Because it's me, I already know there is a very high chances things are about to take a turn for the worse.

I tried my best to ignore that scratch in the back of my throat, but it was pointless.  I coughed. I looked at my friend Holly (mother of the groom) and I mouth "sorry".   

She smiles back at me. She is so awesome, my friend Holly.  I try very hard but end up coughing again. But this time thanks to the straining,  its a kind of cough/snort thing.  A few heads turn... ugh.... how do you recover from that?

"Yes, yes...someone just snorted at a wedding, shows over folks, nothing to see here..."

I knew I had to cough again and there was no way of stopping it.  My solution was to grab the corner of my sweater and kind of lean down into my shoulder and cover my face with the sweater and then know, to muffle the sound a bit.   I should have have used my arm like this smart young lady:  

But no.  I leaned down to way to far and because i have an ample chest, I ended up muffling - at least trying to muffle - the cough   with my chest/shoulder/boob area.  I coughed into skin.  A loud sound rang out...You know the sound.  

Yep, my muffle plan had been a huge fail.  I had made a fart sound during a marriage ceremony.  I. Want. To. Die.

This time I didn't look anyone in the eye. Just kept my head down. Partly in shame, and partly because I was starting to laugh.   It's official.  Embarrassing moments are my specialty.

At least I stopped coughing.  I was cough free the entire day. I had instantly shocked and embarrassed  that cough away.   

It turns out the Bride & Groom didn't hear or notice a thing.  

Life Lesson Learned:  Forget cough drops & cough syrup.  If you need instant cough relief - you know what to do.  Real of Fake, let it rip.  If questioned, tell people that where you come from, noises coming from your body mean "May your marriage be blessed with awesomeness".  Give them a look that says, "Duh, I thought everyone knew that."  and then quickly leave.

Can you imagine if the clergyman from the video was 
conducting the wedding I was at?!   

"Please you with gas,  leave."

"But it wasn't a real fart."

"This is a solemn ceremony. I will stop if you don't leave."

"I'll stop farting and coughing."

"This is not about farting, this is about God...leave."

"make me."

And.....end scene.

I'd pay money to see that wedding.

September 23, 2013

Oops. Sorry Babe.

Left this morning for the store. Only needed one item. Got slightly distracted by the Halloween section. Had super fun time with my son. Even took pictures. Felt so great, ran quite a few more errands, got haircuts, even braved the DMV!

Got back home hours later, feeling pretty accomplished. Showed my dear hubby my awesome giant-baby-head photo & Jared's horse head pic....just as he was asking where the grocery bag with the toilet paper was.   Oops. 

*sigh......I had ONE job.....

September 22, 2013

Downton Abbey 4 Quotes - Episode ONE

Season 4 - downton-abbey Photo Lady Edith
I cant get over how pretty Lady Edith looked in this episode!  Her dress was A-Mazing.  LOVE, love, love it.

Downton Abbey Season 4: Tea in bed with Lord Grantham!!
Downton Abbey Season 4: Lady Cora and Robert get the letter of resignation and Cora says she can't believe it! and Robert says, "I can...sneaking off like a thief in the night, thats OBrien to a tee."

Downton Abbey Season 4 Opening Scenes....Lady Mary Rings her bell from her bedroom...and it shows the bell of "Queen Caroline" ringing???? Blooper??? Curious minds want to know!!!
Downton Abbey Season 4 Opening Scenes....Lady Mary Rings her bell from her bedroom...and it shows the bell of "Queen Caroline" ringing???? Blooper??? Curious minds want to know...Who is this Queen Caroline?