March 18, 2013

Downton Abbey - We all have Scars

It's another Sunday without a new episode of Downton Abbey.  
What a sad sentence that is. 

I've recently started watching Season 1 again and tonight I watched episode 3.  It's the episode where:

  • we first meet dashing Mr. Pamuk,
  • someone dies,  
  • where the revelation that Gwen owns a typewriter shocks the folks downstairs 
  • and Mrs. Hughes convinces Mr. Bates to through his leg brace in the lake.  

Episode three is a good one, but it was this scene that has stuck in my mind tonight.  I can totally relate to Mr. Bates.

I think we all have scars from our past and insecurities we hang onto or hide because we are afraid of what others will think of us.  Afraid of not fitting in.  Tired of feeling different.  At times it seems much easier to pretend we are okay instead of admitting we are hurting.  

I know I have strapped on many the leg braces with the only result being self-inflicted pain.  I could have ended up with far more scars than necessary if not for my own Mrs. Hughes showing up to lead me out to the lake.  When she said, "We all carry scars, Mr. Bates. You're no different to the rest of us."  I had to smile.  Sometimes, all it takes to rid ourselves of our insecurities is the knowledge that we are not alone in our suffering.  

So, if you happen to have an O'Brien or a Thomas in your life - people who like to put others down.  Who want you to be as miserable as they are....

look around, find your Mrs. Hughes and follow her out to the edge of the water.  
No more self inflicted scars.  

T-Shirts & signs saying "Free Bates" are awesome but how about a sign that has a picture of that leg brace with a caption that reads "Free Yourself".   This world will give us plenty of opportunities to feel the kind of pain that leaves it's mark.  
It doesn't need our help. 



  1. Thank you for using a poignant scene from my very favorite TV show of all time to make such a profound point. Most excellent post, and thank you for sharing.

  2. I agree with Cathy... Great post. Thank you.