February 19, 2013

Death comes to Downton - Time to Mourn America

Death Takes Another Crawley

The final episode of Downton Abbey Season 3 has finally aired in America and so far, America is not pleased. Twitter and Facebook fan pages started filling with angry and sad viewers voicing their dismay.  For those of us who watch the series along with the UK, we have known about Dan Stevens leaving for some time now.  The mourning process is just starting for the American viewers.   So, here's a few tips of  what helped us mourn....  

First of all, you can always go back and re-watch all three seasons from the beginning again. (you can watch HERE)  If you pace yourself, maybe it will fill up enough time for you to heal and move on to the idea of Lady Mary with a new man.  

Second, I started watching Call the Midwife!  I was told it would be like Downton Abbey, but it isn't really like Downton at all.  What I would say is that if you enjoy Downton, you will probably enjoy Call the Midwife.  You can watch season one HERE.   

My third & final tip is to stay a fan, have a sense of humor and pray for Jullian Fellowes to write another brilliant script for season 4.
I know it may be hard for some of us to believe, but Downton Abbey will still be a great show with wonderful story lines and superb acting.  It will be okay.  

Have faith my fellow Downton Fan.  Have Faith.

Matthew Crawley



  1. I watched the last episode 2 days after Christmas and couldn't sleep that night...sigh. Silly, I know, given that they aren't "real" people but you get so caught up in the story and characters they almost become real to you.

    Lady Sybil dying was too much, and now Matthew, who loved Mary so much and was so perfect for her. He saved Mary and Downton. He helped Rose and was trying to save Edith from a life of scandal, and now her secret died with him. I was very sad and disappointed.

    I saw it coming way before the scene of him happily driving his car. Everything was just too right and too perfect and all the things that people said during the last episode about how wonderful and perfect Matthew was, it was too much.

    I just wonder what will happen to Matthew's mother Isobel. Also, I'm not sure I'm thrilled with the idea of Mary having a new love interest. No one will ever measure up.

    It's been a month and a half and I still can't get over it. Now that all my friends here in America have finally watched it and are spilling their frustrations to me about it, it's like re-living it over and over.

    I know, I'm WAY too involved. Downton Abbey is the most addictive show EVER.

  2. I think something else you may feel like mentioning which helped a lot of my friends get over it was that in both Sybil and Matthew's cases, the actor (or actress) chose to leave. The writers had to write off the characters, it's not like they chose to kill them off just for ratings... And at least in Matthew's case, death was the only way out. Mary and Matthew were too in love to feasibly divorce and make it seem real.