February 19, 2013

Death comes to Downton - Time to Mourn America

Death Takes Another Crawley

The final episode of Downton Abbey Season 3 has finally aired in America and so far, America is not pleased. Twitter and Facebook fan pages started filling with angry and sad viewers voicing their dismay.  For those of us who watch the series along with the UK, we have known about Dan Stevens leaving for some time now.  The mourning process is just starting for the American viewers.   So, here's a few tips of  what helped us mourn....  

First of all, you can always go back and re-watch all three seasons from the beginning again. (you can watch HERE)  If you pace yourself, maybe it will fill up enough time for you to heal and move on to the idea of Lady Mary with a new man.  

Second, I started watching Call the Midwife!  I was told it would be like Downton Abbey, but it isn't really like Downton at all.  What I would say is that if you enjoy Downton, you will probably enjoy Call the Midwife.  You can watch season one HERE.   

My third & final tip is to stay a fan, have a sense of humor and pray for Jullian Fellowes to write another brilliant script for season 4.
I know it may be hard for some of us to believe, but Downton Abbey will still be a great show with wonderful story lines and superb acting.  It will be okay.  

Have faith my fellow Downton Fan.  Have Faith.

Matthew Crawley


February 03, 2013

Downton Abbey meets Call the Midwife

Period drama's two big hitters came face to face this week at the Radio Times covers party – and got on very nicely, thank you. 

Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael and Lily James – aka Lady Edith and newcomer Lady Rose – met Call the Midwife's Jessica Raine, who stars as Jenny Lee in the BBC1 series, plus Stephen McGann, who plays Dr Turner, and the show's creator Heidi Thomas. The Downton ladies even went so far as say they and Call the Midwife are part of the same gang. 
Laura Carmichael and Lily James
Stephen McGann and Jessica Raine 
Call the Midwife creator Heidi Thomas
Lily James and Jessica Raine

You can watch the first season of  Call the Midwife HERE.
And of course, all three seasons of  Downton Abbey can be viewed HERE and HERE.