June 08, 2012

Downton Abbey - Q & A

Downton Abbey Addicts

A few short weeks ago, I was probably on a short list of people who had not seen Downton Abbey.  Now I am just full of questions.  Anyone know the answers or have a theory?

1.  When does season 3 begin showing on TV and do they air it sooner in the UK?

2.  Was anyone else secretly thrilled when Lavinia died?

3.   Anyone else  think that the man claiming to be Patrick Crowley must be an impostor because he has dodgy looking eyeballs, he does look a bit scary, and he looks a bit shifty,  like he is up to something?  

4.  What is the deal with the maid that kissed Lord Grantham?  Has the maid worked for him before?  Any chance her son is actually his child?

5.  Okay, so right after they were married, Bates and Anna were surprised with a fancy bedroom for the night.  It was a romantic, sweet scene and I actually sighed, and said "Ahhhhhh....." that is until they showed the two of them in bed.  Don't get me wrong, Bates is a handsome charming, very lovable chap!  but for some reason, viewing him in all his pale glory was not attractive.  I went from "Ahhhhhh....." to ".....Hey!  Whoa!  I don't want to see THAT?"  

6.  Anyone else going to go to the next Halloween Party as O'brien or Thomas?  

7.  Can someone please find Daisy something else, ANYTHING else, to wear?!