December 05, 2012

Russell Crowe makes me Nervous

Only 20 more days until Les Miserables - and I can't wait! It looks amazing. Anne Hathaway blows me away, and you know I enjoy me some Hugh Jackman! Everyone looks and sounds the part. Well, almost everyone. After getting to viewing a few movie clips, I'm a little worried. Russell Crowe singing makes me nervous. 

It reminds me of this year's Thanksgiving. Everyone looks forward to the classic & fulfilling The Thanksgiving feast but this I made the mistake of messing with tradition. I trusted someone else to provide the quality feast our family is used to...

Obviously, it was misplaced trust. 

Our family ended up with an under cooked, raw in the middle turkey, missing sides and pies we didn't order of don't really like. What happens when you mess with a classic? You end up celebrating gratitude at Del Taco. No matter how much you tell yourself that your burrito & that Spicy Jack Quessadilla is just as good, we all know better. I cant enjoy an under cooked turkey and can't understand being served one. In my mind, Thanksgiving is to Del Taco as Les Miserables is to Mariah Carey in the musical flop 'GLITTER' or GLEE (the movie)

I really hope he is able to carry off such an iconic role. Please, oh please Russell... don't taint my love for Les Miserables. Serve me a Feast.



  1. June, if it is any consolation, for many years Russell Crowe headed a rock band called '30 Odd Foot of Grunts' (probably doesn't embue faith in his singing ability, but for what it is worth...). So he does have some musical experience.

    1. that does actually make me feel better. I'm sure this caliber of singing isnt exactly his cup of tea. I think I just compared him to everyone else's performance. I cant wait to see this movie!

  2. Sorry about RC. I had the same prayer as you and I'm we both had the same pained expression listening to him rasp out "Stars" like Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry...