December 18, 2012

Oops...Sorry Downton Fans - My Bad

Dear Downton Abbey Fans,

Just in case it is unclear, I LOVE Downton Abbey.  

Because I am a fan, I thought it would be fun to make a short little quiz about Downton...You know, a bit of Downton trivia.  It was all a bit of fun until I realized I had made a tiny little error while creating the quiz.  I was horrified.  Well, at first I was horrified, then I thought it was funny.  And then I thought, it was typical me.  Of course, I try to be witty and it kind of backfires.  So, it's time to clear things up.

Question #2

What is the name of the cup that Violet and Mr Moseley compete for?

A) The Grantham Cup for Best Bloom
B) The Grantham Cup for Best Groom
C) The Grantham Cup for Best Boob
D) The Grantham Cup for Best Spoon

Downton Abbey1.05

Lady Violet: And now the Grantham Cup for the best bloom in the village. And the Grantham Cup is awarded to … Mr. William Molesley for his Comtesse Cabarrús Rose.
Isobel: Bravo, well done! Bravo!
Lady Violet: Congratulations, Mr. Molesley.
Mr. Molesley: Thank you, m’lady. Thank you for letting me have it.
Lady Violet: It’s the judges who decide these things, not me. But very well done!

The correct answer is A.  Somehow, I accidentally marked C as the answer and hard as I've tried, I can't change the quiz. So, for those who have taken the quiz, and wonder what on earth was going on when they didn't get is because in the Simply June world, Mr. Moseley won an award for having the best BOOB in town.  Can you imagine the Dowager Countess handing out THAT award?!  And to a dude, no less?!  Good Heavens.... sorry folks.  Carson would not be pleased. 

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