December 10, 2012

My Friend needs your Help

Paul Gibbs currently deployed in Afghanistan and will miss the birth of his sweet son.  Katy Gibbs is due February 22nd with a boy named Everett. Here is her amazing story - in her own words:
"My husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan and he will miss the birth and the first two to six months of our son's life. I was married before and had a son - a miracle baby - I was told I would never have children but through the grace of God I was blessed with my son Aiden. After leaving my abusive marriage I found
Paul, the man of my dreams, 2 years later. We married in May of this year and he deployed in June. I found out the week after he left that I was, again, miraculously pregnant. It was not at all planned and I was terrified (and still am) to be a single-ish mommy to two rambunctious boys but I am completely thrilled. I am so sad for my husband that he will not be there to witness the birth of his first child. He thinks of Aiden as his own and was not able to be there for his birth (obviously) and now he won't be there for our son Everett to be born. He has missed the entire pregnancy - the hemorrhage in my uterus and the almost loss of our unborn son, as well as the cyst in our unborn son's brain that we were told he would not survive. Luckily everything is looking fine now and we are on track to have a healthy boy. I am not a fan of videos or pictures of myself but I want to do anything in my power to help my husband feel like he is a part of the big day. He has missed so many milestones in Aiden's life as well as in this pregnancy and it would break my heart if he missed the small details of the birth."

Please vote for my dear sweet friend, Katy Gibbs 
to win so that her husband can be a part of the birth! Just go HERE and give Katy's picture a thumbs up (like). 
Look for this black and white photo. 



  1. What is the 1st song? Who sings it? Thanks for making this link. I am sharing it with everyone I know =)

    1. I'm glad you liked the first song - It's one of my favorites.
      The song is: At The Beginning by Richard Marx & Donna Lewis
      I've always loved it. It's an old song but I thought it went well.

  2. That was amazingly sweet! sniff,sniff......
    Glad they won.

  3. Hey June thanks again for what you posted for me! Here is a few follow ups and one to follow next week and of course: