December 12, 2012

Gift Giving - DO's, DON'T'S & a few Suggestions

Pinterest, You Are Drunk. Hilarious Site!!!
DON'T knit or dress 
yourself while intoxicated. I'd rather be cold.
Flip-flops for rednecks. | Pinterest, You Are Drunk
DO show off your pedicure while 
rocking the latest cowboy fashions.

Pinterest, You Are Drunk
DON'T purchase furniture when drunk 
that’s right. I’m a badass. A badass who likes vintage Disney movies.
DO match the gift to the person.
 If someone on your Christmas list has a tendency to get in fights and punch someone, how about they DO it with DISNEY brass knuckles!  "HI-HO, HI-HO, IT'S OFF TO JAIL I GO..." 
What all fashion
conscience men are wearing

Underwear - always a big hit...

This is something else. It is Hillary as, yes, a toilet bowl cleaner. The part that you clean the bowl, is yes you guessed it her hair. She can scrub, scrub, scrub the scum away from your toilet. Maybe she should scrub the scum out of her husband too. This is perfect for someone that doesn't completely love the Clinton’s and never believed Bill when he said, “I never had sexual relations with that woman.” Each Hillary Toilet Brush stands almost 16 inches, perfect for getting to those hard to reach grimy spots.
So THAT'S why he takes so long in the bathroom!
DO give anything involving Bacon flavoring if you have teenage boys.  When they complain about being hungry, tell them to go eat some toothpaste. 

OR...Just stick with the 4 gift rule.

My mom SCOFFS at this rule. She has spoiled us and as a result, I just thought that kids always needed to see a SEA OF GIFTS with no room to walk in the living room every morning. I wish I'd seen this before I set the bar so freakin high for the past 4 years...

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