November 07, 2012

Be slow to Anger & Never Assume - A love story

Brian and I had been married about 8 years.

One night after the kids were finally asleep I started playing a game of Tetris while Brian was working on his lesson for church.  After a day of caring for little children and being sleep deprived, this was my "me time".  

Fifteen minutes into my record breaking game stacking colored blocks, Brian asked me to help with something having to do with his lesson.
But, I was at the highest level I had ever been! So I said “yeah, just wait a bit”. After a while I noticed that Brian was gone. I turned off the TV and went upstairs. All the lights were off and he had already locked up the house for the night. I went up stairs to our bedroom and aside from all the lights being turned out, my bedroom door was locked.
Now what you need to know is that Brian had NEVER, ever gone to bed without me, turned out the lights on me and definitely he had never locked me out of our own room!  So RUDE!
At this point a normal wife would just knock on the door, but not me! For some reason, still unknown to me, I got mad. I remember thinking “how rude! I can’t believe he is upset about Tetris!” I know this sounds dumb. I really don’t know what I was thinking.  Brian has never ever once been so mad he yelled at me.   Still to this day.   But anyway…… where was I?
Oh yes... I got mad. So I yelled. “Briiiiaaaaaan!” 

Nothing, No answer.  I yelled two more times, and then it happens. 
I morphed into some sort of mix between a ninja and one of Charlie’s Angels. (not the not-so-cute angel, Kate Jackson)

And I KICKED down our bedroom door. Yep, you read correctly. 

It wasn’t pretty.   Actually, I kicked down only half the door.  The door was still kind of attached to part of the hinges and what I saw as I looked past the hanging door was not a sleeping husband who had so rudely gone to bed without me. No, what I saw was Brian all dressed up. Candles around the room. Music playing softly. Roses in his hands, and a gorgeous nightgown lying out on our bed.  What HE saw, was his wife trying to be all sexy-ish while climbing awkwardly over a half open/half hanging from a hinge door. 
He didn’t get mad. He didn’t ask any questions. He smiled at me as I tried to get through the doorway. It was actually very romantic if you saw things from my perspective instead of his.
I did some quick thinking.  I explained to him that I “had actually been so anxious to see him I just couldn't stand it anymore and I just HAD to burst in the room.”  'cause that is totally a normal thing to do....
Yep, that’s my guy. 
I’m secretly afraid that one of these days I will wake up in the morning to find him staring at me and when I ask, “what ‘cha thinking about?” and he will say “Wow. You really got a better deal in this marriage thing than I did.”
Maybe he has thought it before but wont say anything to me because he knows what kind of serious ninja skills I have.  

Wise man.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is one of the most beautifully sweet (true!) stories I have ever read! ♥ ♥

  2. OMG!!! This just completely cracked me up!!!!! Thank you for the laugh! I love your writing!!!