October 09, 2012

Downton Abbey Episode 5: preview pictures

Take a look at Sunday's episode of Downton, 
and make some guesses about what happens next...

Tom looks a bit shifty here. Is he still planning on jumping ship and returning to his beloved Ireland? 

Surely not with wife Sybil about to pop? 

Or perhaps he's thinking that the labor will make a good time to slip away without her noticing? 

Ah ha! What is going on in the middle of the night at Downton? 

Sybil is looking a little less pristine than usual... perhaps her chauffeur/aristocrat baby is planning it's dramatic entrance.
And who knew Lady Mary and Edith looked so glam in their PJs?! 

The dreamy smiles on their faces probably only mean one thing: little baby Branson has arrived!

What on earth is this?! Is Daisy... smiling?   
What unprecedented turn of events could have put this grin on sullen Daisy's face? 

Downton Abbey

Five more days until Episode FIVE!

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