October 04, 2012

Downton Abbey 3 - Episode 4 preview!

Here are a few juicy tidbits about the next two episodes of Downton Abbey:

In the above preview of episode 4, it appears as though Branson is at Downton while Sybil is back in Ireland, pregnant and alone. Surely there is more to it, because we know Branson would never abandon her. Right? And her cryptic call to Edith? Scary. 

Meanwhile, ITV has released the description for episode 5:

An exciting offer for Edith divides opinion.

Isobel throws Ethel a lifeline.

New maid Ivy is attracting attention below stairs, and Alfred's interest in particular is resented by Daisy.

Anna's perseverance finally pays off. 

Matthew's concerns about the estate grow but are his protests falling on deaf ears? 

Can't wait to hear about the "exciting offer" for Lady Edith, in light of the heartbreaking third episode we just watched. It's kind of disappointing to learn Ethel is still lurking about, but the romance below stairs and Anna maybe finding a break in Bates' case make us feel better about the episode. 

Only three more days until Episode four!

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