September 25, 2012

Downton Abbey - gifting on a Budget... Because not all of us have maids & butlers.

Under $20.00 or FREE - Downton Abbey Extras

Music, Books, DVD's, Paper Dolls, Calendars, MP3 & More!


Downton Abbey Paper Dolls?  Cool!  Simply click on the picture of your desired character to print larger sizes.  All it costs is a bit of your time!  Just print, cut out and paste onto cardboard.  

And finally, 
I found a "FREE BATES"  T-Shirts online, 
selling for 22.00 - 25.00 dollars.  
It would be super easy to DIY your own 
for a fraction of the cost!

Gifts that the people living upstairs will LOVE

and the downstairs staff could afford!

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